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Merlin Multishippers: The more love in that castle, the better!

· About ·

Welcome to merlin_multis - a place for multishippers in the Merlin fandom to hang out! We are a happy shippy place for happy shippy people - come, flail and enjoy the hotness of our Arthurian peeps. Post your news, your picspams, your fic, your banter, your discussion, your opinions - this is just a safe space for multishippers to congregate and celebrate the pairings they love without having to worry about seeing others bashed.

· Rules ·

1. Thou shalt behave like an adult, not an oblivious tool. All tool-ery will result in banning.

2. Be polite and respectful of each other and other pairings (see rule number one).

3. You don't have to like every single pairing on the show to be here - but you do have to be tolerant of ships that are not your own. If you are violently allergic to, say, Gwen/Arthur, then this is not the place for you. Please go play somewhere else.

4. Absolutely all 'ships are welcome here, so long as they are Merlin related. OT3/4/5, RPS, incest, even crossovers with one or more Merlin characters involved with characters from other shows are all fine.

5. Please warn for things like rape, child abuse and graphic violence in fics; please tag your entries appropriately. If you cannot find a relevant tag for your post, leave a note at the bottom of your post or ask the mods to create you a new one by commenting here.

· Misc ·

Your mods are gnimaerd, miakun and la_esmeralda_; don't hesitate to PM one of us if you have any questions/problems; if you see any tool-ery, please let us know promptly so that the offender can be fed to Nimueh's pet afanc for the good of the fandom.

Our community stylesheet is by refuted and customised by gnimaerd and la_esmeralda_.

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If you would like to affiliate with us, please send one of the mods a PM.

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